Two Blogs in Two Days?!

So the Labor Day Weekend has come and gone and apparently the Postal Service decided today that they were going to get off their lazy bums and deliver some packages that I had ordered over the last few weeks. Some of the pickups came from eBay while most of them were from a UK game shop. All of what I picked up is just a hodgepodge of games for different systems that I recently discovered in one way or another. I wish I had some grand stories about why I wanted each and every one of these games but the truth is I just love collecting what I don’t already own. 🙂

The first cart I picked up was from an eBay seller in Japan who had a copy of Bird Week on the Famicom. Bird Week is a game I became familiar with a few months ago by random chance. I was playing around with some roms on my NES Powerpak and booted this one up. It has a super simple premise, you are a mother bird and you collect butterflies to feed to your baby birds. You have to avoid the asshole black birds and pesky squirrels who are out to get you and your babies. Once you feed the birds enough butterflies they will eventually leave the nest. Wash, rinse, repeat. It is a fun game and one that would be perfect for a high score challenge contest!

The other loose title I picked up was Splatterhouse 2 on Genesis. Normally I do not pick up loose Genesis games but this is a super hard game to find for a decent price and at $25.00 it was a no brainer! I have never played any Splatterhouse titles beyond the original game on the Turbografx-16 but if its anything like that one then I am in for a treat! I will probably try to stream this one sometime during the month of October for you all. 🙂

My next three pickups were all PAL exclusives that I found on a UK game shop website that I was recently made aware of by a friend on Twitch. The price was right and the shipping was reasonable so I decided to take the plunge and pickup them up. The first two are Air Rescue and The Ottifants on Sega Master System. Air Rescue seems to be a more modernized version of Choplifter. You go around rescuing hostages in a helicopter while trying to evade the enemies. The screenshots on the box definitely make the game look like it has much more depth and detail than Choplifter so I look forward to giving this one a shake. The Ottifants is another series I know nothing about. Apparently it was a German cartoon that was adapted into a platformer game for the Genesis and Master System. The stages look colorful and varied and since I can never get enough platformers in my life I had to pick it up. Fingers crossed that it is good!

The third and final game that I picked up from the UK shop was Formula Karts: Special Edition on the Sega Saturn. This is the first PAL game that I have ever purchased for the Saturn so I hope that is plays properly in my NTSC system. I have read that you can use an Action Replay cartridge to trick it into working so I hope it pans out. The game itself looks like a run of the mill racing game from the era so I don’t expect much out of it. I will say though that I am really impressed by the plastic case that this Saturn game came in. I have never seen anything like it! I thought all of the PAL Saturn titles were in cardboard long boxes but this one is a hard plastic and very sturdy! This is what SEGA should have used for all of their Saturn titles!

And last but certainly not least we have SpellCaster for the Sega Master System. This was an ebay purchase (since I have never come across it locally). A friend of mine had told me that I should give it a try but I kind of written it off thinking it was a different game on the system (Miracle Warriors). It wasn’t until I watched another streaming try a blind run of it recently that I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it. It is an action/adventure games with some rpg elements as well as some point and click scenes. It definitely runs the gamut with regards to genres and seems like a fun little time. I made it a point to get a copy with the manual because I need to make darn sure I know what I am doing before I dive in!

WOW! So there it is.. two blogs in two days! What has gotten into me? Haha! Don’t get used to it but I have a few more things I would love to blog about. It might be a few more weeks until I get around to them but I can’t wait to share with you all! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at today’s pickups. Do you have any thoughts on what I got today or suggestions of games I should be looking for? If so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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More Odds & Ends

I have picked up so many new games lately that is has been hard for me to blog about them all. Some of the things will probably never end up here (from shear laziness) but I wanted to go ahead and document a few of the fun things I have picked up over the last month and a half or so.

There really is no rhyme or reason to my collecting these days. Since I pretty much finished collecting for the NES a few years ago I have focused on trying to explore other game system libraries that I have neglected and fill in gaps to my collection. Twitch has been such a blessing for helping me find games that I would normally never think to purchase and these first few groups of games certainly proves that!

Starting at the top left I picked up Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima for the Super Famicom. I had never even heard of this game until I saw BovineDevine streaming it and I was instantly intrigued! The game uses the game engine from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past so its got an instantly recognizable feel to it. It isn’t the standard Zelda fare though, you don’t have as much action/attacking. You control a party of three members where you try to figure out different puzzles to help progress the story line. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of playthrough but its one I really would love to dive into it on stream one day! The other Super Famicom game that I picked up was Slayers which is a more traditional turn based RPG. I saw utahpunk playing this one and I fell in love with the character animations immediately. I think its based on a Japanese anime but I don’t really know much about that genre so it will be fun to learn more about the series someday. Both of these pickups offer English translation patches so they are both easily playable for us Westerners! 🙂

The other two titles I picked up were The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock and Breath of Fire for the Super Nintendo. I don’t have much to say about Flintstones other than it looks like your average SNES platformer. It was a little pricey but I was able to find a good deal so I figured I would pick it up. Breath of Fire on the other hand is one I have been watching a great deal of lately. HungryGoriya has been plodding her way through this game for her “Meatstick Monday” streams and it has been an enjoyable experience. I mainly picked it up because it seems like a pretty basic style JRPG. I am still trying to ease my way into the genre and figured this would be the perfect title to try out in the future!

Next up we have a few more random pickups from eBay. Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition for the Xbox 360 was one that I never thought about owning until I saw NudesofDudes stream it on her channel. It’s a first person shooter with some pretty in-depth rpg elements to it. I was pretty shocked and amazed at how well they were able to nail a post-apocalyptic feel of Las Vegas in this game. Not to mention that the voice-overs, music and ambiance are simply amazing! The copy I picked up includes all of the DLC so when I finally get around to playing this one I think I will have hundreds of hours of enjoyment!

The Gameboy Color game that I picked up (sorry for the poor photo) was Alice in Wonderland. This is a cool action/platformer with wonderful color and animation that I saw apesmeister streaming awhile back. I knew as soon as I saw it I had to pick it up right away since finding good Gameboy Color games is a challenge. Lastly from the ebay pickups is Chapolim X Dracula for the Sega Master System. This is basically a re-skinned version of Ghost House that came out exclusively in Brazil. Not a game I would normally pickup but its Master System and a fairly hard to find Tec Toy release!

These last few pickups were all from a local game store here. Aerial Assault on the Game Gear is a pretty cool horizontal shooter that I have been meaning to try out and finding a copy for a few dollars made the purchase easy. I’ve been trying to beef up my Game Gear collection because I am in the process of getting a Game Gear modded for streaming purposes and this is a title I would love to show off pretty soon! I also decided to take the plunge and pickup DuckTales Remastered for the PS3. This is a game I have always heard mixed reviews about but hearing that the digital version of this game was being de-listed I knew I had to pick it up and for under $15 sealed I figured it was a wise decision.

Last but certainly not least the game shop had this absolutely wonderful CIB copy of Snoopy’s Tennis for the Gameboy Color. I didn’t even know this game existed until someone was talking about it in a stream a few months ago. I popped it in for a few minutes and looks like a re-skinned tennis game with Peanuts characters. There seems to be a few different game modes that aren’t your standard tennis offerings so I think it might be a good time for at least a little while. If for nothing else it will look good on my shelf with that cute drawing of an intense Snoopy swinging his tennis racket! ❤

So there it is, 10 more titles to add to the collection. As I stated at the beginning of this blog I have picked up quite a few things that I still need to blog about. I made a significant console system purchase and also picked up a mega lot of PSP/PS2 titles which I need to document. Hopefully I can be less lazy and get around to it sooner than later!

Well that is it for me! Have you played any of these games, any thoughts or memories you would like to share or simply have some new pickups you want to brag about? Please post about them in the comments below!

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Sega Master System Pickups

It has been awhile since I have written a blog. I have so many great ideas lined up to write about and I have every intention of publishing them but I always find a way to procrastinate my way out of getting it done. So I decided that I better get something out there and what better way than with some nice Sega Master System pickups! You may or may not know that the Sega Master System was the first system I ever owned as a child. I was the only kid in the neighborhood that had one and when other kids would come over we would rarely play the SMS with me because they were never any good at the games. Its unfortunate that I don’t have many great memories enjoying the system with friends but I have a lot of fond memories sitting around my parents 19″ Fisher CRT playing Hang On/Safari Hunt, Wonder Boy, and California Games by myself. I can still remember pausing my system overnight for 3 nights in a row so I wouldn’t lose my progress in Wonder Boy (I eventually beat it!).

As a child, I always longed to play more Master System games but most places didn’t sell them and there were no rental stores that carried them near me either. It wasn’t until eBay and online auctions came around that I was able to grow my collection. That being said it is still difficult to collect for the SMS today. The North American region got such a small lineup of games, Nintendo was able to coerce developers to only release games for their system which resulted in the Sega Master System having a small foothold in the region. Outside of the US was a different story however, areas like Europe and Brazil saw the system thrive and nearly 200 additional games were released outside of the North American territory. It is always intriguing when you can purchase games that you never knew existed when you were a kid, I get so much joy in finding games that I know little to nothing about. So when I heard a website in the UK had just listed a bunch of Sega Master System games for sale I had to jump at the opportunity! So without further adieu here is my pickup blog about games I pretty much know nothing about 🙂

The first two games are from the movie franchise Back to the Future. I have not played either one of these games but I do not have very high expectations since this film series almost always had terrible video game adaptations. I remember Part II & III on NES was absolute garbage and while I didn’t mind the original game on NES many still find it to be a sub-par game. Part II’s box reveals some hover board level screenshots which lends a little promise and I will probably give this one a go on stream sometime. Part III appears to be a port of the terrible Genesis game, so I don’t have high hopes for it. At least it is complete with the manual!

Continuing with the movie theme I also acquired a copy of Dick Tracy. This is both a game and film I have never seen but I have always heard people say good things regarding the game. I was shocked the seller had this version of the game since its the much harder to find US variant! I already own a PAL copy but I will probably replace it with this one in my collection now. The other movie tie-in was Batman Returns which was referred to me by hungrygoriya, judging based on the YouTube long-play it looks like a pretty competent action platformer. I’ve never been good at any of the Batman games but I look forward to seeing what this one has in store.

Moving on to a few animated television licenses we have The Simpsons Bart vs. The Space Mutants and The Flintstones. Bart vs the Space Mutants is a game that I have a lot of nostalgia for on the NES. I can still remember the first time I rented this game since I was off from school sick. I remember getting the game and having to anxiously wait around in my mom’s car at our school because she had to pick my brother up. I couldn’t wait to get home and finally start playing it. Well, when I finally popped it in I was met with one of the hardest video gaming experiences of my life! I honestly don’t think I even made it past the first level since it was so difficult. Still, though, it was the Simpsons and in 1991 they were the king of cartoons so I had to cut it some slack. I still go back to it from time to time thinking maybe I will suddenly “get good” but it never seems to happen. Maybe this PAL version fixed some of the errors plaguing the NES version of the game but I have my doubts. If for nothing else the game should get a nice graphical upgrade from the superior power of the SMS system.

I don’t have much to say about The Flinstones game. I watched the show as a child but I don’t have too much nostalgia for it. The game itself is an action platformer that is more than likely subpar but it appears to be an exclusive title for the system so I had to pick it up. The cover art is pretty hilarious with Pebbles licking paint out of a paint can! 🙂

The last two titles I picked up are sports titles. GP Rider is a motorcycle racing game in the ilk of Hang On. Unlike Hang On though you race full circuits, instead of checkpoint to checkpoint. It also appears that the game has a simultaneous two-player split-screen mode which could be fun! I was always a big fan of Hang On so I can’t wait to put some time in on this one.

And last but certainly not least we have Putt and Putter, a miniature golf game that is somehow fused with pinball. The back of the box reads:

“The waves crash against the shore as you tee up. Ahead in the distance..pinball bumpers? An outrageous combination of miniature golf and pinball! It’s Putt & Putter!”.

It sounds ridiculous but the game seems to be pretty fun. At first I thought this was the same game that I watched gunstarheroes play during his Game Gear Gauntlet but apparently, this port has different courses and some minor gameplay tweaks. Having said that the Game Gear version looked like a fun time so I can’t imagine why this one would not be too!

So there you have it, 8 new titles to add to my Sega Master System collection! I think with these new games it puts me right at 100 SMS games in total so there are plenty more out there for me to seek out. Hopefully in a future blog I can share even more great Mater System pickups with you all.

In closing what are your thoughts on the Master System? Did you have it growing up or discover it later in life? I would love to hear any gaming or collecting stories you have about Sega’s first North American console in the comments below!

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Discovering an Old Gaming Console for the First Time!

I have recently been playing through the first few Katamari games on my twitch channel and decided I wanted to expand out to the other games in the series with the next game being Me and My Katamari on the PSP. The only problem is I have never even touched a PSP let alone owned the system! To say I know anything about the PSP is a lie so I did some research and quickly realized the 2000 or 3000 model systems were the way to go (since they allow for component out to a television or capture device). I went to a few local game shops but I was unable to find a system that was in good condition at a reasonable price so I begrudgingly switched my focus to ebay. After about a week of searching I stumbled upon an auction for a boxed PSP-3001 system with a 4gb memory card, and some loose games for right at $100. I really hesitated to place the order because many of the systems I found seemed to be beat up from years of wear and tear so not seeing the system with my own two eyes was a bit worrisome. Thankfully my fears were unfounded as the system arrived quickly and in great condition! None of the games included in the lot are anything I would ever play but for the price I paid I can’t complain!

Once I got the PSP ordered I immediately set out to look for some games. I googled top PSP game lists and started pricing out games and was shocked at how cheap games were! I picked up a few games from a game shop which included the aforementioned Me and My Katamari, Patapon, Crush, and Loco Roco. Loco Roco and Crush look like neat puzzle platformers while I don’t know what to make of Patapon but for just under $20 for the lot I think I got a real good deal!

Continuing on I picked up some games via ebay with the first being a 3 game lot which included Ape Escape: On the Loose, Madden 07, and Lego Star Wars III for $10 shipped. The only game I had much interest in here was Ape Escape but I could always give Lego Star Wars III a go since I do enjoy the mindless fun of Lego games 🙂

Another ebay purchase was Daxter which is a spin-off of the Jak & Daxter series. It came up on many of those top lists that I previously mentioned and I found a seller listing BRAND-NEW sealed copies for $6.00 shipped. A total no-brainer!

Last but not least I had to pick up some component cables for the PSP. I was able to snag these brand new in the box for around $15 which I thought was a heck of a deal. I have heard mixed reviews when it comes to third party cables so I figured it would be wise to just pay up a little and get the best quality cables possible.

I really look forward to finally digging into this PSP system on stream and I am stoked to start collecting many of the exclusive and definitive titles that came out for it as well. I threw out a tweet asking my followers what games they recommended that I pick up and here is a selection of titles that were mentioned:

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesMega Man Maverick Hunter X
Dissidia 012 Final FantasyMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis CoreMonster Hunter Freedom/Freedom Unite
God of War TitlesPersona 3 Portable
Gradius CollectionTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Hammerin’ HeroUltimate Ghosts n Goblins
Jeanne d’ArcValkyria Chronicles 3

What are your thoughts on the PSP? Beyond the list above are there any PSP games that you would recommend? Please feel free to comment below!

If you made it this far thanks for reading and checking out my PSP pickups. I have many other recent pickups that I plan to post and blog about as well so stayed tuned 🙂

Faxanadu or Faxanapoo?

Has there ever been a video game that you have heard great things about but have been too afraid to try? For me, it seems like 90% of games out there fall into this category. When starting a new game I often go in with a lot of trepidation that I will not be able to grasp the story or some other major nuance like a leveling system. Things like this intimidate the hell out of me! Enter the NES title Faxanadu, a game I once termed “Faxanapoo” because I wanted absolutely nothing to do with!

A friend of mine had been politely pushing for me to play this game for quite a while and I finally bit the bullet and decided to add it to my streaming schedule. I figured it would be a good game to stream in case I had questions about where to go or what to do. I’ve found that streaming games outside of my comfort zone (especially RPGs) has been fax_titlea real blessing since it helps me get over hurdles that in the past would make me turn off the system and give up on the game forever (I am looking at you A Link to the Past). So on April 3rd, I began my foray into the wonderful world of Faxandu! I began by reading the manual and immediately felt overwhelmed. Weapons, Shields, Armor and Magic upgrades littered the manual’s pages. There was an Experience score which designated your “Title” in the game. What was I getting myself into? As a self described noob to RPGs I felt like I was already in way over my head! I immediately stopped reading the manual and decided that it was best to just dive into the game head first on stream.

I don’t plan to do a full-fledged review of the game since I wouldn’t want to spoil anything but a brief synopsis of the story has you heading back to your town only to find it abandoned and pillaged by the Dwarves. You are told that you must fight your way through the World Tree to take down the evil one who has caused unrest between the Elves and Dwarves. So off you go with a little cash in hand to begin your journey.

Faxanadu is presented in a side-scrolling action/platformer style similar to many other NES games of the era. Most people liken it to Zelda II (a game that I have little familiarity with). You attack with the A button and jump with the B button (classic NES) and gain Experience and “Golds” from killing enemies. I started talking to townspeople and familiarizing myself with the different shops and buildings and began to settle into the game quickly. One of the key town’s buildings you will find houses the local Guru. These Gurus play a key part in your progress since they act as your save points (called mantras) and also allow you to upgrade your Title (experience). Although I never had an issue with it you want to make sure that you are continually upgrading your title so you can access new areas of the world.

I must admit that after a few hours of playing I didn’t get the hype. I enjoyed my time with it as the game seemed fairly simple in principle but I had a few complaints. Some of the doorways and ladders appeared to almost be “hidden” (since they blend in with the backgrounds). I can’t tell you how many times I walked onto a screen, killed the fax_door1enemies and immediately moved to the next screen without realizing I had just walked past a door that was key to my progression in the game. There was also the issue of the cryptic and maze-like nature of the game. There were a few times when I would talk to NPC’s in a town and still have no idea where to go or what to do next. There was one especially frustrating part where you need to find an old man hidden in the sky (maybe I missed a clue?). I know for a fact I would have never found him without the help of my stream chat! The last thing that frustrated me to no end was the key system. Some doors can only be opened with specific keys and they are one-time use only. It felt like I spent almost half of my playthrough just backtracking to buy more keys so I could progress.

That isn’t to say I found everything to be bad. There were plenty of things that I did enjoy about the game like the leveling being straightforward and to the point. PHEW! The sword, armor, shield, magic upgrades and potions are all purchased through the town shops with the Golds that you have collected. I often found myself going out into the world to grind enemies so I could gain as much Experience and Golds in order to afford the upgrades right away. Some people may be turned off by the grinding but I enjoyed this aspect since the combat was so simple. The combat is comprised of attacking your enemy with the sword or magic while also defending against enemy projectiles. If you died then you have no one to blame but yourself since the developer nailed the character physics in this game. Your attacks and jumps just feel right! There are no real hit detection issues and the jumping isn’t floaty at all. I am sometimes amazed at how so many games get this wrong and it becomes a game breaking issue but thankfully not here!

And who could forget about the music? The music was really well done! I am no music aficionado by any stretch but the tunes are very catchy and apropos for each section of The mistthe game. You have somewhat cheerful, questy songs when you are in the towns but venture out into the disruption of the World Tree and things tend to be more somber and serious. One song that really stuck with me was in the section of the tree that has developed a smokey mist. The music here definitely captures that uneasy and wavering feeling about what is happening to the world around you. Seriously its a song you could easily hear in your nightmares! That said, I really can’t do the music justice. I can only implore you to listen for yourself!

Overall I really enjoyed my time with the game. It took me about 11 hours to complete with a little added help from my chat but its definitely a game that anyone can get through and find joy in. The game is a little light on story but as someone who is still relatively new to the action-adventure/RPG genre I felt that was a good thing. Did I love this game? Sadly I must say I did not. For an early title it has its fair share of quirks but I think you have to give it a pass based on this. I do feel that this game has the ability to grow on me in subsequent playthroughs however (much like The Legend of Zelda did). Now that I know where to go and what to do I feel as though the negatives that I mentioned previously would be mitigated.

In closing, I am happy that I put aside my worries and pre-conceived notions in order to beat this game. Faxanadu has given me the confidence to try other games in the genre like Moon Crystal, The Battle of the Olympus and Zelda II in the future! Also I have come to find out that this game is part of a much larger series called Dragon Slayer and I look forward to delving into more of this universe as well!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Honestly I don’ know if any of this made much sense, since it is so hard for me to put fax1my rambles into cohesive sentences. I hope I didn’t miss anything too critical but if you have any suggestions on what I can do better for future blogs please feel free to lend me your suggestions!

Have you played Faxanadu before? What your thoughts? I would love to hear from you all!

Thanks for reading and always remember your mantra!

PS: If you would like to watch me play games I stream on Twitch three times a week ( My current schedule is in my twitch bio!

2018 – A Year of Change!

So 2018 is winding down and I have procrastinated on making my first blog post for nearly six months now. I would like to blame it on being productive in other areas of my life and having so many others things to do but in the end it just comes down to sheer laziness. When I setup this account I didn’t know what I wanted to write about (and quite frankly I still don’t!) so I will just give you some highlights of my 2018.

My 2018 started out on a roll, I was living in my parents basement! Now that might be a surprise to some but I had a good reason for living there as a mid-30 year old. I had just sold my house and was in the process of finding a new one! I was really excited because I had been trying to move for over two years but due to issues with my home sale falling through in 2016 I wasn’t able to get out as quickly as I wanted. It was a big relief when I was able to get through closing and finally finish that chapter in my life. The reason I bring this story up is important, as I was living in my parents basement literally all of my games and systems were boxed up. I had little to do for entertainment during the week so after work I would just surf the web and watch others play games on twitch. One night I was in a Pete Dorr stream and he mentioned how he had hosted a relatively new streamer the night or two previous. I went back through the VOD and found that it was a streamer named WhatAboutBrunch. I went to his channel to check out what was going on and coincidentally he was streaming! I watched a stream or two without really participating in his chat and he played a lot of retro games that I had enjoyed during my childhood. I decided after just a few streams that I would subscribe to his channel (I am pretty sure I never even typed in his chat before I subbed so he was probably surprised by that). Thus started a sequence of events that would really shape the rest of my 2018.

I wasn’t new to the retro community and for the better part of a decade had some involvement with the largest PC Engine/Turbografx-16 forum. Around the same time that I discovered Brunch this forum that I participated in imploded because of infighting and negativity. The community splintered and it got really bad, so bad that I decided it was no longer fun or healthy for me to be there. I cut ties and left it behind. It is kind of sad because there are some great members there that I miss dearly but for my overall health and psyche it was for the best. It was tough at first but watching Brunch streams helped to heal the wounds that this community created. It was eye opening to see such positivity and fun being had with video games again! I started interacting with chat and organically networking with people who stopped by his streams and shared similar interests with my own. I met people like weeblespleen, themodgeek, BovineDevine, squeeeb, similarian and most importantly hungrygoriya.

If you are reading this you probably already know who hungryogriya is but if not she is an excellent retro streamer, youtuber, blogger, collector and overall wonderful human being. I wish I could remember my first interaction with hungrygoriya but for the first few months I was in Brunch’s stream I didn’t realize who she was or that she was a streamer herself (quite honestly I thought she was a guy up until I stumbled upon a link to her stream!). I still remember the first game she was playing on stream when I found her quite vividly too, it was Ultima IV on the Sega Master System. Normally I wouldn’t have stuck around since it was a RPG but she was playing the game on an actual Sega Master System! When I realized this I immediately got excited and we discussed the SMS a few times on and off during subsequent streams. If you didn’t know the Sega Master System has always held a special place in my gaming heart since it was the first console I ever owned as a kid. Not many people play or talk about the system so to find someone who loved and appreciated it as much as myself was so great!

I stuck around hungry’s streams and found out that we had some much in gaming common. I eventually joined her discord where I met some great people like Wally, matirirwin, Vobard and as time passed her community has exploded and even more awesome people have joined. The hungrygoriya community has been great, everyone is always so positive and helpful when it comes to games and just life in general. I wish I could name everyone there but it would just be silly! If I have ever interacted with you then you know who you are and thank you for being so awesome to me! I feel so comfortable hanging out with all of you that I even decided to share my own game collection and do some streaming of my own!

I am very shy by nature so for me to stream is not really in my comfort zone. After doing about a months worth of streams without a microphone I finally got up the courage to turn it on and talk back to the people who would stop by to chat with me. I have gotten more and more comfortable with it and it has helped a lot with my social anxieties. I now look forward to streaming and interacting with people instead of just hiding behind a keyboard with my words. I have been able to get back into gaming in a big way and keep myself accountable to playing my collection so it has been such a blast!

In closing I just want to give an extra special thanks to PeteDorr, WhatAboutBrunch and hungrygoriya. Without the chain of events between these three people I probably wouldn’t be in such a great place right now so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Being able to find a new home in real life and on the internet has made 2018 such a great year for me! Thank you for being a part of it and making it so memorable and I hope 2019 is even better!

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